Sage Elementary School


School Schedule

8:45am - Students May Enter the School

8:55am - Tardy Bells Rings

3:25pm - School Ends (2:25pm on Wednesdays)


November 28 - December 14 - Sage Elementary Food Drive

Friday December 2 - Regular School Day for Elementary (No school Middle or High School)

Thursday December 8 - Festival of Lights 6:30pm

December 9-16 - Jingle Bell Trot, See Times Below

Friday December 16 - Hat, Scarf and Gloves Day!

December 19-January 2 - Winter Break, No School

Tuesday January 3 - School Resumes

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Winter Weather

Winter Weather is here! When the roads are icy, our parking lot may be icy as well. Please use caution when parking and walking in the parking lot. Use the sidewalks, walk slowly and wear the appropriate winter footwear.

As a reminder when dropping off your student:

  • Please pull your car forward to the furthest spot in the drop off lane (lane 1). Please do not stop at the beginning of the drop off lane or mid-way through the drop off lane. Please follow these guidelines rather than dropping your student off in front of their arrival/dismissal door.

  • Please do not drop off students in lanes 2 or 3. You may park in these rows. Please do not stop or block the center crosswalk in these lanes. Your child may walk by themself, and/or you may accompany them using the designated crossing areas. Parents and students should use sidewalks at all times and only cross where there is staff supervision.

If there is a 2 hour delay due to inclement weather conditions, and you feel it's unsafe to travel, we respect your decision to keep your student home. If you do decide to stay home, please contact the Sage Office at or by phone.

We want all our students and families to be safe and healthy!

Happy December from Nurse Stephanie!

As you prepare for a cozy winter’s break, I wanted to take a moment to share some tips to stay healthy this holiday season. With so many news headlines about respiratory viruses hitting our hospitals hard it is easy to be fearful, but there are a few simple steps we can take to keep our kids and ourselves healthy.

  • Stay home if you are sick! I know our hearts are longing for tradition and normalcy, but please don’t risk exposing others if you are unwell.

  • Hydrate with water, limit soda and juice.

  • Get sufficient sleep and rest. As we enter two long weeks off of school, be sure to schedule some down days to enjoy each other and also give your body a chance to recharge.

  • Nourish your body with a well-rounded diet, minimizing excess sugar - which feels near impossible with all these yummy treats circling, but it’s worth your attempt!

  • Wash your hands! Especially before eating and definitely before coming into contact with an infant. Soap and water or hand sanitizer are great choices.

  • Wipe down surfaces and high-touch surfaces (doorknobs, phones, sink handles) with cleaner frequently

  • Change your clothes when you get home after being around other people - don’t let those germs get snuggled into your couch or bed! This is especially important if you have a baby at home - as soon as big brother/sister comes through the door at the end of the school day, send them to wash their hands and change into some clean play clothes before saying hi to the baby.

While these steps surely won’t prevent all illnesses, they will definitely help mitigate your risk and exposure. You are doing a great job! I know navigating all of these risks is tough! I am happy to give specific advice, guidance or encouragement should you have a concern, just let me know 🙂

In closing, I wish you and your family the happiest, healthiest, most lovely holiday!

With Love,

Nurse Stephanie

Every Day Matters!

It doesn't matter whether absences are excused or unexcused, each missed day represents missed learning time. Missed days add up quickly. When a student misses as few as two days a month, that is 10% of the school year. This increases the risk of academic and social-emotional struggles.

Did you know?

  • Children who are chronically absent in kindergarten and 1st grade are much less likely to read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade?

  • Chronic Absenteeism can occur when students miss a day or two every few weeks.

  • Attendance is an important life skill that will help your child graduate from high school and keep a job.
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School District Calendar

The Redmond School Board has updated the Board Approved Calendar. Changes include that school resumes on Tuesday January 3rd after Winter Break. You can access the School District Calendar on the Redmond School District Website at:
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FAN Support during Winter Break

If you need support for services that you would normally receive through the Family Access Network, during winter break, please dial 211.

Thank you!