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March 16, 2018

OHVA Has A New Phone #: 419/482-0948 + Ext.

Re-Registration is OPEN - Parent/LC Info!

Our re-registration portal is now open for you to enter your choice for next school year. PARENT SESSIONS took place March 6 - 16. Access recordings HERE to help you make an informed decision.

Re-Reg Week is coming April 2 - 6! Stay tuned for contest fun and more!

Click to access Re-Registration Information

Parent Session schedule by grade, How-to, Re-Reg FAQ's

TESting Corner

Build confidence for testing!

Expose your student to test practice now to help them be at ease when they sit down to test. Access state practice tests HERE, and note some helpful info below.

Did you know that our state tests are done on the computer? Help your student with typing practice below.

Did you know that state test questions often have multiple parts? It's important to help your student become familiar with the format, and they may have to scroll up and down pages to access the parts of a question.

Did you know that students should know how to use a calculator online? These are provided in the tests for 6th grade and up, and may be unfamiliar, so make sure to expose your student to how these work.

Did you know that students can use scratch paper? Just because the test is on a computer does not mean that students should do everything "in their head."

Did you know that your attitude toward testing will positively or negatively impact your student? Do your best to be positive and explain that testing has a purpose, and the student should do their best.

Did you know that testing is not a "bubble" test anymore? Your memory of testing in school is not what our students do today! All students are asked to think, reason, write, and explain on state tests. Give them practice with writing our their thinking.

Typing Tutors Online

Students who are publicly e-schooled at home need to master the keyboard. Here are some excellent websites to help your students learn to type with accuracy and then with speed: https://www.typing.com/typinglessons and https://www.keybr.com/.
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K12 STEM Contest

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K12 2018 STEM Contest

This year's theme is MAKE A SPLASH! To enter, you'll design and build a Rube Goldberg machine -- that is, a complex contraption of linked parts that creates a domino effect. The only other requirement is that your machine, in some way, makes use of water.

Read the important details about this year’s contest here and, when your student is ready to enter, simply visit stories.k12.com and complete the form and upload a video of his or her water machine. Find out more.

Need Help?

Do you have questions on where to view your students’ progress or managing your student’s schedule? Check out the Learning Coach Resources located in the video section of the Customer Support Help Site.
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K12 Student Clubs

K12 offers a variety of student clubs where like-minded students can share their areas of interest. These clubs are offered typically two times a month and last one hour. Browse our 2017–2018 club listings by clicking here, and register for your favorite clubs today! http://www.k12.com/k12-student-clubs.html and http://ohva.k12.com/get-involved/students/student-clubs-and-organizations.html

Family Engagement Coordinators

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