MySQL Database Vs Oracle Database?

How Is a MySQL Database Different Than an Oracle Database?

MySQL Database Vs Oracle Database?

MySQL Vs Oracle Database

MySQL Data Source Features

Database Security

MySQL customers are managed by the data source.

MySQL uses a set of allow platforms to monitor customers

MySQL uses these allow platforms when executing verification, permission and accessibility control for customers.

Database Authentication

MySQL uses an extra place parameter when authenticating a person

allows a protection password and set of rights to be required for a person


The MySQL program is a ordered program

Privileges provided at an advanced stage are unquestioningly approved down to all amounts and may be overridden by the same rights set at amounts.

MySQL allows rights to be provided at five different stages, in climbing down purchase of the opportunity of the privileges:


Per-host basis



Column-specific (single line in only one table

MySQL are arranged into two types: control rights and per-object rights. The executive rights are international rights that have server-wide results and are focused on the performing of MySQL. These control rights include the FILE, PROCESS, REPLICATION, SHUTDOWN and SUPER benefit. The per-object rights impact data source things such platforms, content, indices, and saved techniques, and can be provided with a different opportunity. These per-object rights are known as after the SQL concerns that induce their assessments.

As in Oracle, line, index, stored procedure, and trigger titles as well as line aliases in MySQL are situation insensitive on all systems. However, the situation understanding of data base and systems titles for MySQL differs from Oracle. In MySQL, data source match to directories within the data listing, and systems match to one or more files within the data source listing. As such, the situation understanding of the data source and desk titles is determined by the situation understanding of the underlying operating-system. This means that data source and desk titles are not case-sensitive in Windows and are case-sensitive in most varieties of Unix.

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