Barber's Biz

Volume IV

Poetry Jam

It is difficult to believe that our Poetry Jam was two months ago. Time is flying for these fifth graders. I enjoy this event the most since students run this. It is their time to shine, by sharing their love of Poetry and their hand at creating their own. We had a wonderful turn out. Thank you for supporting all of our students.


In recent months, we used tools to help explore and problem solve. We make predictions and use these tools to correct misconceptions. For example, we used Geoboards to find equivalent fractions. Students would use these boards and rubber bands to find multiple ways to create equal parts of a rectangle. This week we have begun using counting cubes and graph paper to find the volume of boxes. Check out some of my Tweets from math.

Marshall Music: Petting Zoo

BLE Health & Wellness day: Inspirational Water Jugs for Flint

Upcoming Conferences

It is almost conference time.

Please take note that conferences are Student Led.
Yes, you read it right. Your child will present their learning progress and their thinking about SMS.
Please sign up for your 15 minute block, making sure it is when your child can attend WITH you. Also, I can only provide one conference per family.

Lastly, make sure you do not schedule another conference back to back with this one.

Thank you for your support and understanding.