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Winter/Spring 2016

Bridging PD in January

Notice & Note

Kylene Byers and Robert E. Probst, authors of Notice & Note, use 6 “signposts” alert readers to significant moments in a work of literature and encourage students to read closely. Learning to spot and use these signposts enables readers to explore the text, and find evidence to support their interpretations. In short, these close reading strategies will help students to notice and note.

These Notice & Note sign posts can assist our Fusion Readers look closely, reflect, and make interpretations with text they encounter. Try one out!

Since close reading and its impact on students is a current district ILT focus, this would be a great time to share with school staff how Fusion supports close reading!

Notice and Note - Again and Again

Strategy Integration Bookmarks

Strategy Integration Bookmarks were my solution to students' saying, "I don't know what to write!" when told to "have a conversation with the text" or to annotate. These bookmarks group sentence starters by strategy to help students interact with different types of texts. We started by practicing using sentence starters verbally, using our Thinking Reading novel, so students were able to practice thinking as they read with a text they knew. Students would read a paragraph, pick a sentence starter from the Reading Fiction Texts Bookmarks, and explain their thinking. Then, I photocopied pages from the novel and had students use the same bookmarks to write their thinking. I made bookmarks for each subject area so students could see how different skills applied to different types of texts. I told my students they could take their bookmarks to their general education classes as well to help them annotate in those classes, which they loved. We've had a lot of success with these bookmarks!

Elizabeth Mills Berryhill School

Strategy Integration Bookmarks can be found in the Fusion Reading Teacher Tools folder.

Exciting News! Fusion Reading PLC

We are excited to announce the first Fusion Reading PLC! Five experienced Fusion teachers will be meeting this semester in hopes of increasing effectiveness, accountability, and accessibility for the Fusion Reading Program for all CMS Fusion middle school teachers. Their focus is to solve some of our problems of practice by examining the Fusion Reading pacing guide, establishing a progress monitoring assessment calendar, and identifying and reviewing assessment instruments. Stay tuned for the newest developments from our PLC members!

Pat Jefferson - Kennedy

Stephanie Johnson - Coulwwod

Kat Koppel-Dobbs - Walter G Byers

Elizabeth Mills - Berryhill

Nicole Sprackland - Martin

Random Picker

Looking for a way to increase student engagement and accountability? Try using the ClassTools.net Random Name Picker Wheel! With the Random Name Picker Wheel, you are able to input your student’s names and save class lists. Once you have added your student’s names, you can spin the wheel, and a random name is selected. The Random Name Picker Wheel allows you to remove names once they have already been chosen. With the sound effects and visuals, students eagerly await the upcoming name, and also know that they need to be ready, because the wheel may land on them next!

Abby Oaks, Fusion Reading Teacher South Charlotte Middle


New Resources: Fusion Reading Live Binder

Sue Woodruff, SIM Professional Developer, Instructional Coach, and Educational Consultant, has created a Fusion Reading LiveBinder. In this resource are extra materials and support for the Fusion Reading classroom.

Try it out at the link below!

Shout Outs!

Elizabeth Mills, Berryhill School, for sharing your Strategy Integration Bookmarks!

Abby Oaks, South Charlotte Middle, for sharing the Random Picker with us!

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Calendar Corner

  • Department Chair Meeting - February 23rd
  • Irma & Sue Visit - February 23rd, 24th, & 25th
  • Fusion PASS PD - March 8th Lincoln Heights Academy 8:30-3:30
  • Fusion Year 1 Pacing Reminder: Bridging February 8th - June 2nd
  • Fusion Year 2 Pacing Reminder: Summarization - January 4th - March 11th; May 16th - May 26th
  • Fusion Year 2 Pacing Reminder: PASS April 4th - May 13th
  • Spring Break - March 25th to April 3rd
  • Elementary/Middle/High School Transition - April 7th Phillip O Berry High School
  • Middle School Scheduling - April 18th Spaugh
  • EOGs Begin: May 25
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