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Food Service Production

Spring 2020

Office of Food Service

450 E Fulton St.

Columbus, Ohio 43215


Joe Brown, Director of Food Service

Robin Chapman, Assistant Director of Food Service

Edith Murphy, Area Supervisor

Brenda Klein, Area Supervisor

Lynn Maistros, Area Supervisor

Liz Solomon, Area Supervisor

Jodena Beale, Food Service Supervisor

Jeannine Marcum, Dietitian

Chris Weatherholtz, Nutrition/Farm to School Coordinator K-12

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Thank You to Our CCS Food Service Workers, Custodians and Security Heroes

As Dr. Dixon pointed out we are a family at CCS and just like all families, we come together to support and help each other in times of need. That is exactly what is happening with our teams at the food sites. Columbus City Schools Food Service workers are always on the front lines of making sure our children are eating nutritious meals because they understand that this is an important foundation of our students' ability to focus and learn. However, their boots on the ground actions during the current unprecedented events truly makes them some of the heroes of the hour. Our transportation team is delivering food to our 15 sites where our children can be assured of a healthy meal for breakfast and lunch and our cafeteria managers, food service workers, cooks, custodians and security workers are getting the food into the hands of our children. We want to recognize their dedication as they go into the schools and communities to meet this important need in spite of the recognized risk. A sincere thank you to our 15 teams at these sites. (The top picture is some of the love posters the Sherwood community made for our teams.)

Click on the Pictures Below to See Our CCS Heroes!

Gardens Have Grown to 60 School Sites!!!

This has already been a very busy year! We started our year with 44 schools with gardens and have grown to 60 with 4 more schools waiting. This experiential learning opportunity that encourages our children to try new foods they may not otherwise try and to consider a healthier diet, continues to grow in numbers and resources. Our leaders at CCS Food Service Production Center work very hard to offer our children healthy food choices daily! This is why they fully support the garden initiative! Plus the many connections to learning have really started to pique the interest of teachers and administrators who want this opportunity for their students! So many teachers have started their gardens with the support and help offered through our Farm to School staff and resources at CCS Food Service Production! Here's to another great year!


Our Newest Garden School: North Linden Elementary!

Thank You Community Partners!

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What's Next? Resources and Supports:

Wonderful New Resources Connected to the Gardens Are Coming Soon!

Curriculum Resources on the Digital Binder:

Last summer the CCS Media Tech Team worked with the Food Service Farm to School Team to create a set of 32 read-aloud videos of children's books that support the lessons being written and posted soon on our CCS Curriculum Digital Binder. These lessons integrate language arts, social studies, science, and math with connections to the garden learning lab to create experiential learning opportunities for our children. Many of our CCS leaders and community partners participated in the creation of the read-alouds and each of these participants shared information about their careers adding yet another layer of learning and application to the lessons.

It took many staff and community members working together to make this exciting resource happen for our teachers and students. Lynda Ray, the Multiple Literacy Specialist with Teaching and Learning, is helping to get sets of the children's garden books into CCS libraries in different sections of the city, as well as, helping to post the lessons on the district digital binder.

Special Thanks to Columbus City Council Member Pricilla Tyson!

Special Thanks to Pricilla Tyson for donating funds to buy copies of the children's books connected to the lessons and used in the read alouds! See her video below. (Click on the picture to see the titles.)

Here are Samples of the Read Aloud Series

Professional Learning and Resources

Garden Supports Available or Coming Soon:

Coming Soon! A CCS Garden Conference:

A conference was being planned for early June but will now be scheduled for a summer date once a safe date can be determined. This conference will offer sessions on a variety of topics from accessing the sets of books and lessons to what is going on in the district with our Farm to School initiative and how to have a successful garden learning lab at your school. There will be wonderful giveaways that include $50 Amazon gift cards, children's books and lesson materials.

Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District:

Check out the virtual field trips included in this resource shared by Linda Pettit.

USDA Teacher Resources:

OSU Extention Services:

Sue Hogan:

The October date for the 6th school garden conference at the 4H Center will be coming soon. Stay informed about this and other great resources/opportunities by following the links below.


Facebook page:

Tim McDermott:

Gardening is a great activity that can be done with the family while we are keeping social distance that provides not only health and wellness, but a source of fresh, local produce. Growing Franklin from OSU Extension, Franklin County can assist you with your backyard growing or community and school gardening knowledge. Some recent website posts:

Haley Plahuta: Ohio Farm to School Program Assistant,

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A Harvest Celebration Recipe

Soon we will be harvesting our winter crops for celebration! Most of our schools have planted spinach, kale, carrots, radishes, onions, and other cold-weather crops. All of these mixed together make a wonderful salad and we have a variety of kid-friendly homemade dressings to dress it up included below.

Basic Vinegarette Dressing:

READY IN: 15mins

YIELD: 1/4 cup



  • 3 Tablespoons oil (virgin olive oil is best)
  • 2 Tablespoons vinegar (white, cider, wine, balsamic)
  • salt

  • black pepper


  • Shake all ingredients for your chosen variation together in a tightly-lidded container OR whisk together in a small bowl.
  • Let stand 10 minutes to rehydrate dried herbs and blend flavors.
  • Shake again then dress salad as desired.



  • Basic vinegarette
  • 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • pinch of crushed red pepper flakes


  • basic vinegarette
  • 2-3 Tablespoons of sour cream or plain yogurt


  • basic creamy vinegarette
  • 1 Tablespoon grated parmesan cheese
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground pepper