The Young Life of Adolf Hitler

By Jordyn B. and Jacob D.

Question 1: Identify Hitler's relatives and where he lived.

Answer 1:

Adolf Hitler had a father, a mother, and 3 brothers who died of Diphtheria. His mother died in December 23, 1907. Adolf was born on April 20th, 1845 in Braunau, Austria. He lived most of his life in Linz, Austria though.
This is baby Hitler in a nice chair.

Question 2: Identify if Hitler wanted to hurt his own kind from his childhood.

Answer 2:

Hitler was taught to hate Jews in his early childhood from his father, and rejected one of his Jewish friend in his early childhood. After failing to get into art school twice, he started to blame the Jewish for his failures.
Hitler as a child looked like a born leader.

Question 3: Describe Hitler's education.

Answer 3:

Adolf Hitler had a good education and loved art, but his dad forbade him to make art. This caused Hitler to stop studying and his grades dropped dramatically. After his father died, Adolf started to create art and study, but sadly he could't get his grades up. he convinced his mom to drop out of school and went to apply to art school and failed to gain entry, twice.
Hitler is in a huge group of kids, although we can't locate Hitler( We think he is in the front), we know he is still defiantly there.

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