CtR Catholic School Rm 112

What's happening in Ms. Nester's Room?

Fun is what is happening in Ms. Nester's Room!

Yes, we are having fun. I don't know that's what you'd expect to hear from your child's teacher. But, it's true. We've gotten the first few weeks under our belt and know what our expectations are for one another. So, we're learning, but we're trying to have fun with it.


As I am updating binders every Friday (or Thursday in this case) I am noticing a couple of things I'd like to bring to your attention. Please have your student put their name at the top of the worksheet, whether it's math or a reading log. It's hard to give credit for homework when you don't know who to give it to. Secondly, please make sure all the homework, including reading log, make it back into the binder.

I am simply trying to ensure I get everyone the credit they deserve for doing their part. Thank you for your help.

Please keep the sightwords and dot cards at home to use. They should be cut out into individual cards and used for memorization. We're working on them in class, but their time at home is so important. It helps in their reading so much to simply know those sightwords.


Math has become a bit more challenging for many of the students. We've been working all week on word problems with subtraction. For example, how many fewer ducks did Bob see than Emily. I'm not sure if the change in language has made it more challenging or just the concept itself. At any rate, we'll be spending a good deal of time next week revisiting these types of problems and hopefully get a firm grasp on whatever the mystery might be.

Language Arts

In Language Arts we are still ramping up. We've got a couple of weeks left of the review material, but then we'll be jumping in full force into the meat of the school year. So, if your student comes home and says I'm bored in reading, that's probably because they read over the summer and didn't do the downhill slide over the summer that some students experience. We'll be working in small groups and one on one with me and getting them soaring through the pages of their favorite books. If you could simply continue to work with them on their sight words and reading every night, that will go along way back in class.

Social Studies and Science

In social studies, we're talking about the concept of a community. What it is? Who is included in your community? What kinds of jobs someone might have in their community? So, this afternoon, they brought home a picture of themselves doing a job either at home or in their community.

Science was really fun for a couple of days, painting and dying flowers and such. But, we've moved on to talking about matter. What is it? How do you describe it? What kinds of things can happen to matter? Just basic general information, but on a big topic... MATTER.


We've had an interesting week this week. Father Sean told us about Pope Francis' visit in mass on Wednesday morning. So, while we had learned about him and made our own coat of arms, he was still a person on a piece of paper. After mass Wednesday, we got to see the Pope and his Popemobile and talk about why it was important that he was visiting the United States. They wrote about what they would do if they met him and what they would say to him, if they ever got that opportunity. We watched a couple of videos of him in Washington DC and I think that helped to "bring him out of books" for the students.

Steps for Students Kick Off Week Next Week

Monday, Sept. 28 marks the starts of Steps for Students 2016 Kick-Off Week! Let's have fun as we gear up to get to the starting line! And don't forget to register at www.firstgiving.com/team/299654.


Students may wear their 2015 Steps T-shirt or a red T-shirt, and uniform bottoms.


Students may wear CRAZY socks and shoes with their uniforms (no flip flops).


Students can bring gently worn or new shoes and brand-new socks as a donation. All students receive a lollipop at the end of the day!


Students may wear their favorite team T-shirt to build excitement for our 2nd Annual CtR Chili Cook-Off!


Students may participate in CRAZY hair day!

Enjoy your long weekend...

Take advantage of the day off for the students tomorrow and the beautiful weather we've been blessed with. Enjoy some family time and relax. We're back at it next week, hard and heavy... well, for first grade :)

Michelle Nester