The Life of Patricia Polacco

A Great Writer


Patricia Polacco was born in Lansing, Michigan 1949. She had dyslexia, so she had a lot of trouble reading, but she was a great artist. She read for the first time in the 5th grade. She began writing because her family loved to read and tell stories.

As an author

She published her first book in 1988, it was called Meteor. One of her favorite books was Thunder cake. She wrote it because one day a storm was coming and her grandma told her not to be scared. Then they made a cake to keep her calm. she writes about her family. One day Patricia Polocco was visiting a class and this little girl wanted to read her story about her family and when the girl was about to start reading the teacher said sit down because she do not come from a regular family.That made Patricia Polocco sad because the girl worked her paper so hard, but Patricia Polocco read the girls paper and said that is a paper like in my books.

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