Mrs. Ralston's Grade One Newsletter

Week 6

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, Oct. 9 - 11:30 am dismissal (remember to pack a snack). HAT DAY!!! Star Homework page due.
  • Monday, Oct. 12 - No school for Thanksgiving
  • Tuesday, Oct. 13 - Pizza Hut Fun Lunch forms due
  • Friday, Oct. 16 - 11:30 am dismissal (remember to pack a snack); Consent for Influenza forms due.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 21 - All Mom's Pantry fundraising forms due in.
  • Thursday, Oct. 22 - Pizza Hut Fun Lunch for those who ordered; canteen closed
  • Friday, Oct. 23 - SIP Day, no school for students all day (previously incorrect in agenda)
  • Friday, Oct. 30 - 11:30 am dismissal (remember to pack a snack). Halloween celebrations.

Important Information:

  • STAR HOMEWORK: Ever Friday Star Homework is collected and a new page will come home. Remember to sign your child's page at the end of the week before Mrs. Ralston collects it.
  • FACEBOOK: Did you know that Aspen Grove has a Facebook page? Like us here:
  • BINDERS: All completed work that is sent home in your child's binder has been checked at school and is yours to keep. It's a great way to discuss what your child is learning. Then it's your family's choice to keep or recycle what is brought home. Please try to keep your child's binder as cleaned out as possible so that items are not mixed up and lost in the binder. Star Homework pages and agenda always stay in the binder. Library books and Buddy Books travel to and from school daily in the binder. Any items or forms you would like Mrs. Ralston to receive can be placed in the front pocket of your child's agenda as this is check each morning.

Table Talk

This is where I share a few things that we have been learning this week, great discussion for at the dinner table (hence “Table Talk”)!

1) This week we were introduced to 2 new characters who will help us remember the letters and sounds that we need for reading and spelling. Have your child tell you one thing they remember about Farley Fox and Ichabod Ichthyosaurus. Then have them tell you what sounds those two characters like the best, and what letter or letter combinations represent those sounds. Farley Fox (F, f, ff, ph) and Ichabod Ichthyosaurus (short i).

2) Our science colour centers were a huge hit with the students this week! Thanks to all the wonderful parent volunteers who made the centers possible.

- Have your child share what their favorite center was!

- Ask them to teach you the three primary colours. Then see if they can remember which two primary colours mix together to make: orange, purple or green.

- Can your child remember the order of the rainbow.

- See if they can name two shades and what those shades to when mixed with other colours.

- Do they remember what transparent and opaque means?

3) Our new sight words of the week are “in”, "it", "if", and “is”. We have been dancing our hands whenever we see these words in our reading. These words can also be made into flashcards to use with your star homework if you choose.

Have a great LONG weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!