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Military Challenge Coins: Start collecting them today!

There are a lot of people out there who are in love with their defence forces and want to have all kinds of war related memorabilia in their account and therefore search on the net for all kinds of items like military challenge coins and other such items. Challenge coins are not only a symbol of identification but also of pride for people belonging to an organization that works tirelessly to save the nation from external attackers.

Varied designs

There are innumerable designs that are offered in military challenge coins and if you type on Google 'Military Coins' you will find that there are a lot of vivid designs and colours that are offered in military challenge coins by the owners of the regiments concerned. They somehow reflect the philosophy of the regiment in questionand even sometimes contain the slogan of the regiment.


Well the cost to a lot of extent depends on the kind of military challenge coin that you are demanding from a retailer. If it is a simple run -of-the mill Challenge Coins that you are asking for, you can get that in about 5-10 dollars and if you are asking for customized designs then the cost may shoot up to around 200-300 dollars and this is the way the market has always operated.

Why going online helps

Online retailers definitely have economies of scale while going online as they order in bulk from manufacturers and they get huge discounts from these manufacturers. Any manufacturer will give them a discount as he gets guaranteed sale and bulk orders and he can further negotiate with this vendors at the rate he gets supplies.

Advantage over physical retailers

Physical retailers have associated costs like rent electricity which online retailers do not have and can therefore afford to pass on the discount to buyers. It’s a win-win situation for both buyers and online merchants. Such hard to find insignia also consumes a lot of time and energy.It is much better to have them delivered to your doorstep rather than you going anywhere to get these insignia as it lead to savings of time, money and energy.

Though the look and feel aspect is not there in an online store but these days, there are image stylists who ensure that users can zoom out any section of the logo and see it clearly to get a clear idea of the kind of exact logo.

Such fine technologies have boosted the sales of ecommerce stores selling these kinds of coins and if you are new to this business then you can also order a few coins and see for yourself the kind of range and variety that is available in these stores.

In the near future, the demand for these coins is going to rise as new regiments come up and old regiments go obsolete. With the increase in military recruitment this trend is likely to continue.

Keep surfing on the net for the best deals, we are sure you will get one that suits your pocket precisely.