RFI/RFP Templates Axia Consultants

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A smarter way to gather your software requirements, prepare your RFI & RFP, and evaluate your vendor responses.

The ‘RFI/RFP Templates’ enable you to quickly and easily gather your system requirements, prepare your requirements specification, RFI and RFP (for issue to software vendors) and then assist you with your evaluation and comparison of vendor responses.

You will:

Save time. You’ll be able to specify your new system requirements, RFI and RFP much faster than with traditional methods. As virtually all the functional system requirements are listed – all you do is chose those you need.

Save effort. Thousands of software functions and features are listed, so you don’t have to recreate them. They’ll help you to be more thorough when gathering requirements and not to inadvertently miss out anything.

With the standardized format, vendors will clearly understand your requirements and respond accordingly. And this allows you to quickly and easily evaluate and compare vendor responses.

Save money. Use the ‘RFI/RFP Templates’ yourself. There’s no need for additional staff or resources.

Reduce the risk of selecting the wrong software. By following this standard approach to gathering your requirements, preparing your RFI and RFP, and evaluating software systems.

The ‘RFI/RFP Templates’ are:

Quick and easy to use and amend to your precise needs, as they are available in Microsoft Excel/Word.

Impartial and unbiased, towards any software package or vendor.

Widely used and trusted, by many hundreds of large and small organizations, operating in many diverse commercial and non-profit / government business sectors. The RFI/RFP Templates appeal to users changing their systems the world over and have been bought by organizations in more than 30 countries.

Guaranteed, with our 60-Day 100% Full Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with one of our Templates - simply email us within 60 days from purchase and we will give you a full refund on the spot.