By: Haley Gosserand


Sacagawea was born around 1790. She was kidnapped by the Shoshones Indians, when she was ten, and thats why her exact birth is unknown. She was very smart, and came up with lots of intelligent ideas. She had a baby boy named Pompey when she was only a teenager. Pompey was his Indian name. Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was his full American name.


Around May and June, lots of people started becoming sick. Close to June 1, Sacagawea got sick and also came down with a fever. As her sickness got worse captains were afraid that she would die. Plus the cheif of her drive also thought that their expedition would fail without her. Another thing to worry about, who would take care of her baby Pompey? She didnt feel better until June 24.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Sacagawea joined the expedition of Lewis and Clark. Also, her husband, Toussaint Charbonneau, was hired by Lewis and Clark as an interpreter. Sacagawea would only serve as a companion. She also showed them the way!


Sacagawea died December 20, 1812. She died because of a high temperature, called Putrid Fever. She died when she was either 23, 24, or 25. She died at a young age, but will be remembered by many.