March 2016

The Grays


The month started with Heather taking 27 students to Louisville for three days to compete and attend Kentucky DECA. Seventeen students will continue on to the international level and will compete in Nashville in April. The students were all GREAT the entire trip! Since this was the first time taking this many students on an over night trip, Heather was unsure of how the trip was going to go.
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As many know, we were supposed to start the adoption classes this month. Due to being unsure of where we were going to end up with Marc's job situation, we decided to postpone the classes. After talking to the lady at the DCBS, we were informed that the ten weeks of classes would be less starting in July due to new curriculum that they were starting. This aided in our decision.

Hip Hip Hooray!

After thirteen months, the Sanderson Rental is finally done! We have decided to get a property manager to manage the property due to the unknown of where and what we will be doing over the next year. When walking out of the house, the middle of March, it was bitter sweet. Hopefully the house will be rented soon! See the pictures below of the living room, kitchen, and back hallway. :)

The Lord has Risen!!

Job Search

Marc's job search has lead him to a good possibility in Hebron, KY. He will go for a third job interview at iHerb the 14th or 15th of this month. We are praying for this interview and that if it's not God's will for him to take this job, we pray that he will provide Marc with a job soon. There is a Business & Marketing Teaching job at Conner High School there in Hebron. We are taking this as a sign, but will know more after the final interview. Hopefully in next month's newsletter, we will have great news of a job! :)