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May 21, 2018

Our Last Badge at CTE (stay tuned for the last badge from LT next week!)

Our last badge at CTE this year was earned by Nicky Fryman (CTE).

Nicky Fryman (Educational Practice) at CTE earned her badge for creativity. Her students created online portfolios using various web site creators. A solid rubric defined the expectations for the contents of their portfolios, but students had choice when it came to their design and which web builder tool was used.

Example 1 (created with Wix)

Example 2 (created with Weebly)

Big picture

Sir Links-A-Lot

C'mon- what a fun name! Sir Links-A-Lot is an extension for your browser.

You know how you can take a google document and give your kids a link that will "force" them to make their own copy of it by editing the URL? No? Well you can. And with this extension you can do that in one click.

It will also give you a link to the document as a pdf, as a template or the link to the preview of the document. Pretty cool!

LT-Equipment notice

Our Samsung Chromebooks are out of Warranty as of May 1. This means that if we have damaged Chromebooks, it will take us longer to get them repaired/replaced. Keep an eye on those kiddos these last couple of weeks!

Also, just FYI- Austin College Cart is currently out of commission. It needs a grounding plug and is a fire hazard at the moment.

Looking for Learning?

Bloomboard is a great site with training options on all sorts of current techie and educational topics. If you are looking for learning over the summer which can support your T-TESS Technology goals, this is an option!!! Some topics:

student digital portfolios

Improving Reading Comprehension with Digital Tools


Learning About Fashion and Art History with Technology

Closing the Gaps by Flipping Class


Media Literacy

Some of the topics in here might even be great for your students. This would be a great tool to browse this summer to see what is in there!

Learning Hub Notice

The current default theme we have in Moodle is going away. If you are currently using the "Express" Theme, you will need to reset your theme before you leave for summer.

To change your theme or check to see what you have:

Edit Settings > Appearance > and choose anything but Express.

If you like your current theme and don't want a drastic change, I would recommend the "Clean" theme.

If you do not reset this on your own, it will automatically be reset to the "Boost" theme in July.

LTHS- Technology Checkout Form

This is the form you will initial completely and give to Kim Hampton in exchange for her signature on your LTHS sign out sheet.

CTE- Technology Checkout Form

This is the form you will initial completely and give to Sherry Myers or Kim Hampton in exchange for a signature on your CTE Sign out sheet.

Click Here for All Those End of Year Emails

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