By Carl Hiaasen

This will give you a big Chomp!!!

290pages By Kevin Su


The main characters in the book are Wahoo Cray, Mickey Cray, Tuna, Derek Badger, and Raven Stark. The setting first takes place in Mickey Crays backyard, but soon they travel to the everglades to film their survivalist show. In the book chomp many scary and dangerous things happen. The biggest events were when Derek decided to chase a alligator in Mickey Cray's backyard, the alligator bites is pants until his pants were only shreds, but Derek badger still manages to escape the 12 footed gator, and when Tuna's dad tries to capture her on a boat chase. The biggest conflict in the book is when Derek never listens to the instructors and always gets in a big problem. The main point of view is mostly from the narrator in this book, but some of the point of view is from Wahoo.

Chomps pictures

Survival is the most important theme in the book. It is an important theme because most of the book is about how to survive in the everglades.

Theme to Personal Connection

The theme is a personal connection to me because it relates to boy scouts. In boy scouts you have to be able to learn how to survive in the wild. you need to learn what is good and what is bad. The theme also connects because I once went to the everglades. I seen many cool alligators there. Plus the everglades had many swaps like in the book.