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Students live in a very exciting time much different than what we experienced as adolescents. One of the primary differences centers around the environment and options students have to learn. Currently, students have an incredible menu of learning choices including but not limited to advanced placement, dual credit, core and elective classes. Students have classes that focus on career readiness or internships and those with enriching lab-based activities. The opportunities are endless. In addition, many progressive schools throughout the country are providing students online learning opportunities. Your student is fortunate to be part of a leading district that offers these online learning opportunities. This letter will provide insight about these online learning opportunities including:

  • the courses offered,
  • the benefits of participating,
  • the delivery of the courses and more.

We hope you find this information valuable. The diversity of learning options available in our schools today is simply fantastic. On behalf of the Expanding Learning Opportunities Consortium (eLo), we look forward to continually providing your student with quality online learning options.

-The eLo Team

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About eLo

The Expanding Learning Opportunities Consortium (eLo) was formed in September of 2014 to provide students fully online learning opportunities. Members of eLo include Indian Prairie School District 204, Naperville School District 203 and Wheaton-Warrenville Community Unit School District 200. As a result, students interact online alongside peers from three districts and seven high schools.

More than 30 innovative and passionate teachers from one of the three-member districts have taught an eLo course. Prior to teaching their first online class, teachers must complete two separate training courses. The educational technology training coupled with teachers' extensive knowledge creates an enriching learning atmosphere for our students.

We offer classes during the fall, spring and summer terms and just like a regular in-school course, eLo courses count for school credit and toward a student's GPA. An eLo course experience is of equal quality to an in school option.

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eLo by the Numbers

Technology that enhances education -- Expanding Learning Opportunities (eLo) Consortium

2016-2017 Course Catalog

eLo does not set the prerequisite policy for courses. Students should consult their school's curriculum handbook or contact their counselor to determine which courses they may enroll based on their grade level. All English, Math, Science and Social Studies courses are NCAA approved for athletes seeking Division I or II status.

Business: Business Law, Consumer Economics, Video Game Design, Web Design

English: African-American Literature

Fine Arts: Introduction to Music Theory
Mathematics: *Algebra II, *Geometry
Physical Education: Health
Science: Introduction to Sustainable Energy
Social Studies: American Government, *AP Human Geography, Psychology, *US History

*Denotes a year long course


Students may enroll in an academic year course during their school's standard registration process. There are no extra costs to register for the class. Students may enroll in a summer course directly through the eLo website. Summer registration will open in mid to late January. Feel free to check our summer school page for information including registration deadline dates and tuition costs.

Students may visit their counselor or contact the eLo office for information or answers to questions. Students wondering whether or not an online course is appropriate for them, might find the following information beneficial:

Value of Online Learning

Accessing the Course

Students may access their course whenever and wherever they prefer including but not limited to at home, the public library or school. Many students work on their course during a study hall or an options period built into their schedule. Others have an early or late release from the school. Some choose to work on their course in the mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends.

We use the Canvas learning management system to deliver our courses. Students may work on their course using a personal or school desktop, laptop or tablet device. Students do not need special software or technological equipment other than basic word-processing programs and reliable Internet access.

Quotes from Former Students

"I loved how easy it was for me to communicate with my teacher. She always responded right away."

"My teacher held weekly virtual video conferences. I didn't attend all of them but it was neat to have the option when I needed extra help."

"The online course was a good learning experience for me because I learned how to manage my time and stick to deadlines."

"I loved how I could access the course anytime and anywhere I wanted. Also, I was able to spend more time on concepts I didn't understand."

"I appreciated the discussion boards and being able to read other student's opinions. I didn't always agree, but it opened up my mind to other perspectives."

"I am not sure if I would take another online course but am glad I was able to experience one before going to college."

Learning Environment

Courses are structured similarly to face-to-face classes including a sequence of learning with set deadline dates generated by the teacher. Students communicate with their teacher and peers in a variety of ways including discussion boards, email, chat sessions, phone or virtual conferences. Students also have the option to participate in virtual office hours that their teachers may hold which can be chat or video based.

Students do not have to report to a specific physical location nor log in at set times. Also, we provide students with a series of online orientation activities they complete to help ensure they are comfortable navigating online.

Are you interested in exploring a demo course? Feel free to check out a portion of our American Government class by following this link.

eLo Consortium

Online Learning Student Profile

There is not a single profile that represents a student who might benefit by taking an online course. Many enroll because they want to experience an online course before going to college. Others have enrolled because they needed the flexibility to balance their extra-curricular activities or part-time jobs. We have supported students with varying social-emotional needs, medical limitations or those who prefer to learn in an environment where they have a bit more autonomy. Finally, some have enrolled because we offer a few courses not provided in their school district. Regardless of the reason for enrollment, online learning prepares the student not just for college and career but supports the plethora of diversities and life responsibilities of more students.

Supporting Students in the Online Environment

We understand for many, learning online is a new experience. We have multiple layers of support to help students experience success.

  1. Series of online orientation activities
  2. A technical support specialist available through e-mail, instant chat or phone
  3. An easy to navigate course design and structure consistent throughout the entire program regardless of the teacher or class assigned
  4. Helpful resources such as time management organizers and list of actions students should model when they access the course
  5. Knowledgeable and trained teachers along with the student's counselor who will work with the student if they experience challenges

Connect with eLo

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Please visit our website for more information. Please reach out directly with your questions and concerns. We look forward to working with you and your student.