The Greek god

Who is Zeus?

Zeus was the supreme god of the Greek gods. He was also known as the father of Gods and men. Son of Cronos and Rhea. He was a very powerful sky god who controlled lighting, and used it as his primary weapon. Zeus was more powerful than any other god or gods combined. Zeus was also the guardian of political order and peace.
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Myths of Zeus.

Zeus was the youngest son of Cronus and Hera. Cronus once knew that he would be overcomed by one of his sons, the same way he did with his father. So, Cronus decided to swallow all his children. One day when Zeus was born his mother knew he would try to swallow him too so she gave him a rock wrapped around a blanket and took her son somewhere where he could be safe. Throughout the years Zeus grow up raised by Melissa and gala who nursed him and protected. As he got older he finally decided that it was time to fight with his father Cronus. Zeus helped his siblings escape by opening his fathers stomach .

Part 2 of myth.

After releasing his brothers and sisters, they all headed Tartarus and there he killed campe and gave freedom to the Cyclopes, hectomchires and the giants. As a thank you from the Cyclopes they gave him the thunder and thunderbolt.