by Chris Crutcher

Book Review by Kelly Bailey

It's senior year. You want to make it the best of your school career because you're finally done with high school. But how would your perspective change if you knew it was the last year of your life?

Ben Wolf had life all figured out and he was thrown a curve ball to find out he has cancer and has one year to live. However, he's telling no one. Once star cross country runner now turned football player is shocking the school with his passion and drive. His first mission is to win the attention of Dallas Suzuki, the beautiful and popular volleyball player, capitalizing on her at least one time. He also has a couple of unexpected acts of kindness up his sleeves too, including helping the town drunk.

Secrets eat away at you. Ben isn't the only person with secrets and he finds himself in a dilemma - does he trust others with his secret or not? If you like a book about football, the struggle of secrets and who to trust, or one with a love story, then this will be a page-turner. I would recommend this book to any girl or guy, no matter your age. However, if you don't know much about the game of football, the football jargon may throw you off, but it won't keep you from wanting to read more.

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Chris Crutcher