A Christmas Carol Background

Bryan D. Mitchell

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, a famous writer, was born February 7, 1812. Charles Dickens began to write in when he was 21 years old in 1833. When Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol he wanted to portrait his virtues of Christmas in a way that shows what Christmas should be and how Christmas is. Dickens brought several of his fictional characters to life, over 989 characters that he has brought to life and many of these are still known today. His wife was Cathrine Hoggarth who he divorced later in his life and they had ten kids.
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Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a spark of engineering that increased the industry business by make products faster, cheaper, and more efficent. Industrialization had many outcomes such as increased profit, less workers, and better products. However, it created poverty, took peoples jobs, and caused child labor and debt.

Victorian Era

The Victorian Era was a time of many things such as Industrialization, child labor, poverty, and even the famous author Charles Dickens. The Victorian Era was a corrupted time, Industrialization began an poverty and child labor increased. Authors began writing new works of art to show people what has become of them and what it used to and should be.
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Child Labor & Poverty

Child Labor and Poverty were a big part of the Victorian Era. About 10 percent of the population was in poverty, and about 20 percent of the kids were forced into child labor. Sadly they're both a key role in the Victorian Era, both Child Labor and Poverty occurred throughout the Victorian Era.
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