Cameron Dallas

BY: Blanca Acuna

Have u ever heard of Cameron Dallas? He is one of the best viner on the internet. He also has his own YouTube channel,he started making YouTube videos on September 10,2012. He travels all around the world to visit all his fans .He does not go by himself thought, he goes to visit his fans with a group of boys.The name of the group is MAGCON they love their fans and plus all together they can make u laugh so much,that you will love seeing their videos and might want to go visit them one day.

Cameron does different types of vines some times he might make u laugh but sometimes he might inspire you.Sometimes vines are not all about being funny.Most of the vines are funny like about 99.9% of it is funny but what is not funny is inspirational.He makes those vines because sometimes people look at his pictures,vines,or YouTube videos and they comment things they don't like about themselves and he gets heartbroken and he does those vines.But other than that he is all about having fun.

Cameron was born in Chino Hills,CA ,he was raised in Los Angeles,CA .He just started on a new clothing line with his friends and group members Hayes and Nash Grier.Cameron and Nash are starting on the new movie, called The Outfield.Cameron was not only on a movie but he was a nominee for Teen Choice Awards for best viner, and won.

Cameron isnt just American but he is half Scottish, quarter Mexican and, a quarter German.When people heard about him in 7 short and fast months he gained over 9 million followers on a few social media but the rest social media he got over 10 billion followers.That is why he is on the top 5 most famous people on social media.

Cameron middle name is Alexander and his nickname of all family and friends is Cam or Camaron which is shrimp in spanish,they call him Camaron because it is spelled almost like his name.He is is 5'9 ,and he is the only son of the family besides his older sister named Sierra Dallas which is also popular on social media.He was raised only with his mother Gina.

Do you want to meet him one day ?