Early Ojibwe


Wild Rice-Manoomin

The Ojibwe left their summer villages after they were done harvesting their crops and set out for their fall village destination where the wild rice grew. In the fall they headed to the ponds, marshes, lakes where the wild rice grew.The wild rices grains were one of the Ojibwes favorite foods and became their main focus in the fall.Because the rice grew in the water they harvested it from canoes.They would hit it with a stick until it fell into the bottom of the canoe. They would do it for hours until they had enough.First they dried it in the sun and roasted it in a fire.Then the men and children would step lightly on them to get the husks off the grain.Finally the rice would be tossed lightly in the air so that the wind would would blow away the outer skin.

Fall Ojibwe Activities

If the children were not helping with the wild rice harvesting then they collecting late-season berries and then dried them for use during winter. The men would hunt the ducks and geese the came to the marshes during the fall. The men and women ,together, would catch fish and preserve them for the upcoming winter.