Pride and Prejudice Project

English IV

Pride and Prejudice Animation

First Impressions

The first impression, though,

Never as we wish it,

Happens to be the most important.

For I layed my eyes upon you

And the beauty I saw, one simply

Cannot describe.

But of course, you opened your mouth

And immediately I was deterred from

Your entire being. You think

Yourself so proud. And yet

I can only think you


Our rocky beginning only lead to a

More rocky middle. Though as time

Went on our hearts began to

Swell. Our love grew strong,

Which allowed us to find a

Change within ourselves.

The love we have is nothing but a

Blessing. It has given us

Happiness. We have found ourselves

Trapped in a love so Powerful

That we could never think

To leave it. That first

Impression, we thought so horrible,

Lead us to our eternal


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First Sight

Our love was the kind at first

Sight. The moment my eyes fell upon

You will forever be in my remembrance.

Your being forever painted onto my

Brain like a magnificent piece of

Art that hangs on the wall.

We danced, only to dance some more.

Never getting enough of our company.

I was sure of our forever, only to have

It ripped from me faster than any woman

Dare to think happily ever after even

Possible. My heart left in two.

We were separated by forces unknown to us.

Wanting what we supposedly shouldn’t have.

I find myself thinking of you in every

Waking hour, and even in my hours of sleep.

Dreams of the happiness we could have

Shared if only given the


But all was pieced together again

When you walked through my door.

Confessing your sweet love. From

Then on we stayed together in our

Happiness. Our love flourished into

The most beautiful art that anyone could

Witness. And we, of course, lived that

Happily ever after that most women

Only dreamt of.

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