Carrers Class S'more

Gabby Ahrens

This is me, the whole me

Being whole-brained allows the person to draw from both hemispheres as the need arises and to understand why other people act and respond the way they do.

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I have a million smiles, Take one

I am a "blue thinker, I am Geuine, Trustworthy, Caretaking, a Peacemaker, Loyal, Optamistic, Nurturing, Emontional, a Team Player, I Think of Others, Devoted, and Friendly.

Univresty of Arkansas

Fayettville, Arkansas

Puplic University

25,000 student attend per year

$20,000.00 per year

Univresty of Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee


27,410 Student attend per year

$87,600.00 per year

Okahlama State Universty

Stillwater, Okahlama



$29,768 per year