Grand Canyon

Learn Why the Grand Canyon Is so important


The Grand Canyon is 277 Miles long. It is also know as one of the seven wonders of the natural world. The widest point of the grand canyon is 18 miles long. The depth of the Grand Canyon is around 6000 feet deep.

Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of The Grand Canyon

The grand Canyon has beautiful scenery. With layers upon layers of colors. The best time to see all of the colors grow is at sunset or sunrise. That is some of the most important things in the grand canyons beauty. Also the Grand Canyon is in sunny arizona


Some of the endangered species

Why is the Grand Canyon on the list?

The Grand Canyon is on the list because of the endangered Species, such as the Californian Condor, The Mexican Spotted Owl, And the Bald Eagle. Also because of the natural beauties. The layers of the Grand Canyon glow most during sunset and sunrise. That is why the grand canyon is on the list.

By Jack Meyer