Bed Canopy For Girls

Bed Canopy For Girls

Choose A Wolff Canopy Tanning Bed

Wolff has a great line of tanning canopies and canopy tanning beds to choose from for home use. They offer great pricing and financing so why not choose a Wolff canopy tanning bed for your home?There's a big difference between a tanning canopy and a canopy bed. The tanning canopy costs about one third of what a tanning bed costs and it's a lot more convenient easily moved from one location to another.

Has 6 angled Wolff lamps that cover you with UV rays that provide a deep dark tan. The curved canopy covers you from side to side. The long lasting DuraMax frame is built to last.It has a wide metal base that keep it stable and safe. It's definitely a step above the rest!

What Is Bed Canopy For Girls

The gas hinge system is computer controlled and the protective canopy allows more UV rays to cover the body. It has a wide metal base that keep it stable and safe. It's definitely a step above the rest! Uses regular 110 so just plug it in and use.Both models have a canopy that is fully adjustable so you can store flat in almost any room closet or corner. Heavy duty rollers make it easy to move across the floor.

If you prefer a canopy bed rather than a tanning canopy not to worry because Wolff has plenty to choose from. Here are two beds worth checking out.This is probably the best home tanning bed on the market delivering the ultimate in power with top notch lamps that maximize the tanning capability. The cooling system will keep you comfortable will you soak up those rays.

Wow - now here's some top notch tanning power with these 32 body lamps. This is real salon quality but for the home market. The Wolff lamps provide their standard deep tan with 16 canopy lamps and 16 bench lamps you're wrapped in UV rays.

Just 20 minutes of your time and you'll be well on your way to the golden tan. It comes with a convenient digital timer, superflow cooling system that keeps you comfy during your session.The Biotech design with its 7 foot surface is perfect for almost any body size and the aluminum and steel frame is sturdy and durable.

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Bed Canopy For Girls

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