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Pillsbury Products

Biscuits, Bread, cookies, crescents, cinnamon rolls, pie crust, pizza crust, toaster strudels, pancakes/pancake mix, toaster scrambles, and turnovers.
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Partner Brands

Betty Croaker: fruit-flavored snacks, Cheerios, Chex Mix, Chocolate Toast Crunch, Fiber One, Food Should Taste Good, Green Giant, Helper, Nature Valley, Totino's, and Yoplait.

Top Sponsors

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JIF, Crisco, Borden, Smuckers, Green Giant,

Watkins, GE appliances & light, Reynolds, and Pyrex.

Story Behind it All-

William Spoor, died at the age of 91 was the Pillsbury CO. chief executive officer (CEO) who led the U.S. food maker's acquisition drive two decades before it was bought by General Mills Inc.

Our mission is to make lives healthier, easier and richer. General Mills is Nourishing Lives.

•We make lives healthier by delivering important nutrients and increasing people’s intake of whole grains, by providing foods that contribute to a heart-healthy diet, and by helping people manage their weight.

•We make lives easier with convenient meals and packaging, and foods that provide nourishment on the run.

•We make lives richer with foods that add fun or help to create a special moment with family and friends.

Founded: 1872, Minneapolis, MN

Founder: Charles Alfred Pillsbury

Careers on the Inside-

Sales, Research & Development, Quality & Regulatory Operations

Manufacturing, Marketing, Information Technology, Supply Chain

Logistics & Sourcing, Human Resources, Finance, Corporate, Engineering.

More information on Corporate:

General Mills Corporate Headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Requires a strong focus in your area of expertise, coupled with a strategic understanding of the overarching goals of the company, our customers, and your colleagues.

Inside the Corporate Business :

  • Administration

  • Aviation

  • Building Engineering

  • Corporate Communications

  • General Mills Federal Credit Union

  • Global Business Services

  • Legal

  • Security

  • Travel & Meeting Services

Pillsbury Doughboy 1982