4th Grade Report Card Pickup


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My Greatest Accomplishment DUN DUN DUN!!!!

My greatest accomplishment was making fear fest a success. There was great writing, great acting, and best of all we had fun. We learned a lot about the 6 traits of writing and how you are never done writing until the publication because you can always add more.
PS: Fear Fest would not have been a success if Mr. Crame and fellow class mates didn't put in all the hard work.

My Greatest Challenge DUN DUN DUN !!!!!!

My greatest challenge was trying to do fear fest and science fair at the same time. It was not fun when I would say that I was done with homework but that I would realize that I would ether have fear fest or science fair that I still had to do.

My Goal for Next Quarter DUN DUN DUN !!!

My goal for next quarter is to get all of my s.s notes written on time so I don't have to copy some of someone else notes because I couldn't finish writing. Another goal I have is to get a little more fast at math.