What's the Buzz?

WHS Counseling Newsletter Back-to-School Edition 21-22


The counseling center faculty and staff are so excited to be back to school and working with you again! We are excited for the 21-22 school year and await many great things!

Let's start with an cousenling center update:

  • SCHEDULE CHANGES: Final day for schedule changes is Tuesday, Aug. 24th. You MUST make an appointment with your assigned counselor. Click HERE to make an appointment. Few exceptions will be made for changes after that date such as teacher initiated changes, incorrect placement, or a scheduling conflict that needs to be fixed.
  • HOW TO CONTACT YOUR COUNSELOR: The best place for kids to be is in class! We are trying to avoid loitering in the counseling center because we don't want students to miss important class time. Of course we want to help students with immediate and urgent needs, but we don't want students to sit outside our office for 30 minutes, waiting for us if we are with another student! Comings Soon!....Students will be able to scan a QR code to email or schedule an appointment with their counselor. QR codes will be placed in the classrooms, halls, and counseling center. Students can simply show their appointment confirmation to their teacher to be excused!
  • ALL STUDENTS MUST SEE THEIR ASSIGNED COUNSELOR: ALL students, ALL grades must see their assigned counselor.
  • WELCOME NEW COUNSELORS!!! Mr. Randy Tree has moved to the main campus counseling dept. from our WHS Alternative program this year and Mrs. Camille Rhees has come from Rocky Mountain Middle School to our counseling center. Both of these counselors come with years of experience helping students and we are excited they've joined our team! Mrs. Jennifer Roskelley has moved to the WHS Alternative program, where she will do a great job helping students in that program and continue to help with our mental health curriculum throughout WHS main campus and alternative.

Counseling Center Staff

School Counselors:

Mrs. Camille Rhees (A-Ch)

Mr. Wes Mangum (Ci-Go)

Mrs. Colleen Cummings (Gr-La)

Mrs. Kim Jensen (Le-O)

Mr. Randy Tree (P-Sk)

Mrs. Stephanie Clark (SL-Z)

Counseling Secretary: Karri Oldham

WHS Registrar: Laurel Martindale

Social Workers:

Jenny Pinter

Alicia Power

Julia Winterton

Spanish-Speaking Family Liaison- Angelica Zelaya


Seniors- if you are wanting to improve your score for college admissions or scholarships, please note that it is recommended to take the Sept or Oct ACT. Scores from the December test may or may not be published in time for admissions.

Juniors- All juniors will be taking the ACT at WHS on March 8, 2022. However, you are welcome to take the ACT at any other time on a national testing date. We highly recommend that ALL students take the ACT at least twice; it is proven that the majority of students will raise their scores by simply taking it a second time!

Freshmen/Sophmores- It is not usually recommended for 9th and 10th graders to take the ACT yet, since the test is normed for 11th graders and you have not learned all of the essential concepts that are presented in the test! That being said, we have had many 9th and 10th graders take the ACT "just to see" how they score and use it as a benchmark to improve upon.

Upcoming Test dates:

September 11th- late registration deadline is TODAY!!! A late fee is required.

October 23rd- registration deadline is Sept 17th

December 11th- registration deadline is Nov. 5th

To register or see future test dates, go to act.org.


We want to make you aware of upcoming presentations and services being presented through the counseling department.

Sept 8/9- Wayfinder (mental health curriculum) lessons in Health classes

Sept 14/15- "What I Wish I'd Known...how to be successful in high school- 9th grade math classes

Sept 22/23- "How to Pay for College" (scholarships, financial aid)- 12th grade English classes

We will be announcing a date soon for a parent info night about scholarships and financial aid as well!