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December Newsletter

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Christmas Program December 12th

We will be practicing each day for the Christmas Program! The students should wear “Christmassy attire” and we need them to be here by 2:45. Once they finish performing they will be able to sit with you.

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Gender Reveal for Mrs. Rhonda

Join us after the ACE Christmas Program to find out if Baby Bensen is a BOY or GIRL?

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Inclement Weather Policy

Weekday Ministry Board and Rhonda recognize that we have a very conservative inclement weather policy. We follow the decisions made By the NLRSD regarding weather related closings. However, most of our staff lives outside of North Little Rock so if the weather is predicted to be bad at the end of the school day ACE will be cancelled. If NLRSD cancels evening activities, ACE will typically close early as well. This decision is made by noon and we will contact you via email, text or update Facebook. Please have alternate arrangements on the days when road conditions and safety is a factor. If we cancel Full Day Childcare due to inclement weather, we will credit

your account. Typically, AfterCare Express remains open until the end of school year. There are no refunds on days missed due to inclement weather policy with the exception of Full Day childcare.

Summer Childcare Meeting Rescheduled

Tuesday, Jan. 12th 2016 at 5:30pm

1922 Topf Road

North Little Rock, AR

Summer Childcare

Meeting Rescheduled

Tuesday, January 12th at 5:30

Prepayment Option

The cost of spring semester 2016 at AfterCare Express is currently $950 for one student. We are offering a new option for you is to pay in advance via ACH debit or credit on your account, by January 29th to receive a $50 discount for each child, which amounts to one free week per child. This will help tremendously time wise for Rhonda in preparing for maternity leave and the registration process for Spring 2016. Please ask Maggie or Rhonda for a form or for additional information.

Details in Your Mailbox

Full Day Childcare

Friday, Dec. 18th

Monday, Jan. 4th

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Things to Remember

- AfterCare Express will be closed from December 21st- January 1st for Winter Holiday Break.

- Scholarship Applications for spring semester are due December 14th!! Inquire with Maggie or Rhonda for an application.

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