B-3 News Update

November 13, 2015


Thank you for attending this year's Fall Conferences. As a parent I appreciate the time you spend listening, asking questions and being involved. As a teacher, I appreciate that you honor our conference time and are invested in understanding the new standards and report cards.

Next Week


ELA and SCIENCE: Our story next week is a play called, "The Baker's Neighbor." We will study this genre and have fun performing our play for our peers. Students continue to work on their salmon presentations. This week we spent time researching the life cycle of the salmon and taking notes on Google Drive. Next week we will write our paragraphs an begin designing our slides. If you want to take a look at your student's two-column notes, ask him/her to log on to Google Drive and show you!
MATH: We will finish Bridges Unit 2 this week and take our preassessment for Unit 3.

Next Friday we have a FRIDAY SING!

"The Baker's Neighbor" Vocabulary: Week of November 16, 2015

Directions: Study this week's words and definitions. We will take a multiple choice vocabulary quiz on Friday, November 20, 2015.

shiftless: showing lack of ambition or energy

indignantly: being angry about something that does not seem right or fair

ad-lib: to make up lines or music on the spot


luxury: anything of value that gives comfort or pleasure but is not necessary for life or health

assent: to agree or approve

privilege: a special benefit, favor or right enjoyed only under special circumstances

elated: filled with joy or pride, as over success or good fortune