Tone & Tonal Shift, The Book Thief

By: El Chapo Guzman

Tone and tonal shift

the tone of a piece of writing refers and shows the attitude how the narrator says things, but later on as things start to happen and events happen the narrators tone starts to change.

How To Detect Tone

you can detect tone by the word language that is the biggest way to detect if the tone is negative neutral or positive. word choice is the biggest way to see tone
in the story death says here is a small fact "you are going to die" the way he says it it sounds neutral he doesn't say your going to get slaughtered if it would of said your going to get slaughtered, then it would of sounded really negative

examples from the story

  1. "she was on of the few souls that made me wonder what it was to live" this sounds neutral because of the word choice it doesn't sound negative or positive