5th Grade News

January 19-29, 2016

Important Dates

Wednesday, January 20: LS Report Cards available for viewing

Sunday, January 24: LS/MS Band & Orchestra Concert (US, 5 pm)

Looking Ahead:

Friday, February 5: LS Grandparents and Grandfriends Day (7:45 - 11:35 am)

Thursday, February 18: SS Field Trip to Chinmaya Mission (details below)

Tuesday, March 8: NELE Latin Exam (all students)

Thursday, March 24: 5th Grade Field Trip to San Antonio

March 31 - April 1: 5th Grade Field Trip to McKinney Roughs

Monday, April 4: 5th Grade Theater Play (7:00 pm)

Academic Updates

Language Arts:

Students will wrap up Portfolio 2, read short stories for their shared inquiry discussions, and begin studying mythology. They will continue discussing parts of speech and will begin talking about complex sentences. They will also begin Unit 3 vocabulary.


Students will continue to work on their critical thinking skills and ability to persevere as they once again delve into model drawing with Mr. Harrison. Students will also begin to look at how patterns can help us place a decimal point in a quotient. They will also investigate various strategies to help solve division problems that involve decimals. During their investigation, students will look for connections related to their previous work converting metric units of measurement.

Social Studies:

Students are finishing their Ancient Egypt Research papers by using online sources. They explored "reliable" websites and learned what to look for that may make site "unreliable". Students will be adding photos and a bibliography before they turn it in.


This week marks our last week of rotations for the quarter. Next quarter, students will focus on Physical Science. More details to come!


Students are working on learning topics on the syllabus for the National Exploratory Latin Exam. Students have been studying throughout the year and now they are working on the last few pieces, solidifying and reviewing past learning. Most recently, students learned the Latin words for parts of the human body. *All 5th graders will take the NELE on March 8th during the school day.

Field trip to Chinmaya Mission Austin

We are so excited to announce a visit to Chinmaya Mission Austin on Thursday, February 18. We will speak with their resident spiritual leader, Swami Shivatmananda. He spoke with 5th Graders last year and absolutely astounded them as a person and as an expert on all things Hindu. He has invited us to see the community's modern Hindu temple, and we couldn't be more thrilled. This visit correlates with our Social Studies unit on Ancient India and the origins of the Hindu religion.

*Students should be dressed nicely, and all students should cover their knees and shoulders. We will be taking our shoes off before we enter the temple, so students must wear socks.

While chaperones are not needed, if you would like to join us at Chinmaya to learn more about the Hindu community, please let Ms. Ballon know as soon as possible. What a great opportunity for us all!

Focus on the arts


Mr. Mayers introduced "Striker" to the Egyptian oud, a great-great-great grandfather of the guitar. The oud was brought to the West Indies by the Crusaders and modified first into a lute and then into the guitar. The percussionists were fascinated while Javen accompanied Mr. Mayers on an Egyptian tambourine while he played a medieval piece on the oud.

Band & Orchestra

The Band and Orchestra students (5th & 6th Grade) will perform at the hour-long Winter Concert on Sunday, January 24 at 5:00 pm at Upper School DPAC main stage.

"Striker" plays at the MLK Assembly

(Jack S., Hayden, Finn, William B., Kate, Will V., Henry, Camden, Jayven, Byars, and Tommy)
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