Commiting Suicide

By: Megan Hansana

What is suicide?

Suicide is harming yourself because you don't think everything is right in your life. You might think no one is there for you. Everyone is talking about you so you want to die because they are saying the worst. But everyone doesn't hate you, you are loved.

Who does it affect?

Suicide impacts many different people, It effects the person who made them want to harm themselves. Because it was there fault they did something so bad that it physically impacted that specific person.

Why should there be a memorial?

There should be a memorial for committing suicide because so many people do it. They should be recognized for being the person they were just till they couldn't take it anymore. Think of the impact it made on them because the didn't tell any body what they felt and no one helped them. They could do thousands of different things to be willing to end their life. So just a handful of things made them commit suicide it could be because they were getting made fun of at school, didn't like the way they looked. They should just be recognized for being who they were.

Where would this be placed?

I researched the most state to have people commit suicide. Wyoming as of 2012 was the state to have the most people commit suicide. I'm going to place mine in the capitol of Wyoming, Cheyenne right next to the Wyoming state museum. so a lot of different kinds of people will notice it and visit.

What is the goal for this?

My goal for this memorial is to show that people still do care about the people who commit suicide and their story behind it. To know that the people still value the fact that they were hurting so bad that they ended their life. This would just be a very memorial experience for anybody.

"Everyone has a story behind their mistakes."