come live in athens,greece

Athens food

Athenians eat luxury foods from all over their empire unlike them the Spartans eat pork, blood, salt and vinegar Spartans train to not like luxury food.

athens government

Athens government is directed towards democracy. they classified as the "birthplace of democracy". all MEN were invited to the assembly's.

athens social structure

  1. ARISTICRATS : largest...had large estates
  2. MIDDLE RANKS : small farmers
  3. LOWEST RANKS : urban craftsman
  4. METICS : Those who came from outside into the inside
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delian league

Athens taxed and protected other city states

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the girls got little formal education. their education consisted of basic home learning. the boys learned stuff like mathematics reading and poetry. they went to school based on their birthdays and how wealthy their parents were.
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lifestyles and values

they believed in participation in the government as civics responsibility

the women did inside stuff such as cook and clean

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