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Learning, Loomonade and More!

September in Our Class

Dear Parents,

The few weeks in September have been filled with a great deal of learning!

In Language Arts : Students are using a great website called "StoryBird" to develop writing skills. This site allows for other students in our class to be an authentic audience. A true audience helps raise level of motivation to do one's best. Be sure to ask your child about their "StoryBird" writing if they have yet to share it with you! We are continuing to work on our reading skills in several different ways including reading stamina, reading fluency, book selection, inference, genre and more.

In Math : Along with continued focus on developing a deep understanding of math, students are learning more about the area model, exponents, mathematical patterns, arrays, examining word problems, explaining their thinking on math and several other math related concepts. We have slowly started to introduce division of fractions. Next week in math, the students will take their first quarter "Performance Task Assessment" where they will need to use all of this quarters math skills to solve complex problems with a variety of possible solutions and similar to what they may face on the new state common core assessment.

In Science : We continue to explore cells, living organisms and have added the research skill of identifying reliable sources. Science is studied through an inquiry process. Although the internet can be a powerful tool, it's important that students understand how to critically think about the information found there and assess it's potential reliability prior to using the information. Students next step will be to create a mini report on the comparison of cells, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and ways cell transport needed and unneeded materials all through using the reliably sources the kids have found.

In History : We will be wrapping up our unit study on the native people of the America's with a choice assessment. A choice assessment allows students to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained in one of three different formats. Also in history, students will travel to Knott's Berry Farm's replica of Independence Hall as well as complete a scavenger hunt for historical information found throughout this amusement park (And enjoy some fun too). While at the park, groups will be challenged to use latitude and longitude coordinates to solve an extra challenge question hidden throughout the park. Thank you to the parents attending. Also, we held our 4th Mystery Skype competition which connects learning about our 50 States with actual students in those states. Our class competes to see which class(ours or the one found in the other state) can use questions to narrow down and identify where the other students are located first. It's an exciting fast paced way to learn geography, critical thinking, analysis, team work and much more.

PE, art,, music, science lab, 80/20 Time (student driven projects focused on learning a variety of skills), DARE, technology skills are just some of the other things your child is involved in at school on a weekly basis. I'm very proud of all the effort I'm seeing in our class. We are off to a fantastic start for the 2014-15 school year!

Don't forget next Friday is an early dismissal as we start our three week fall break.

With My Best,

Mr. Scott Bedley

September's Creative Learning Day

If you speak with some of the top minds in our world, many will tell you they spent a great deal of time in their youth taking things apart to understand. We will follow this model on Friday, September 19th on our day of creative team activities. The day will be filled with many learning experiences that connect directly to so much of what leads to the highest levels of thinking.

One such learning activity will find students having the chance to take apart electronics. So much learning takes place when students are given the opportunity to take things apart. While the kids are taking the electronics apart in teams, they will digitally record the parts, take photo and video documentation, write about how they think each part helps make the electronic work along with several other tasks (all steps simulating scientific processes). This inquiry constructavist method allows for students to practice process, while building knowledge and understanding. Once the items are deconstructed, teams will choose to reconstruct the same electronic or use the parts to create something new. You can be confident a newsletter will highlight our day.

If you have tools (such as a variety of sizes and types of screwdrivers, wrenches, etc) you can loan us for the day, please email Mr. Bedley to make arrangements.

I will provide guidance, protective eye wear and gloves for the kids.

Thank You Again!

I'm so thankful to have such a supportive parent community as we work together to provide the best education we can imagine for your children.

Preparing for Sunday's Loomonade Event!