United Way Campaign 2015-2016

Local Focus...Local Results!

Dedicated to Improving Wilkes County

Your local United Way is dedicated to improving the lives of Wilkes County residents. Through their 22 partner agencies, the United Way impacts more than 30,000 individuals and their families in our county.

When you give to United Way of Wilkes, your gift combines with others and accomplishes more than any single gift can on its own.

Your dollars:

  • HELP LOCAL AGENCIES and support a network of services available to all citizens in our community.
  • MEET LOCAL NEEDS and ensure that programs help people most in need.
  • ACHIEVE LOCAL RESULTS and produce positive changes, not just short-term "fixes" to the community.
  • HELP OTHERS through partnerships with 22 health and human service agencies focusing on children, young adults, seniors, the disadvantaged and the disabled.

To review the 22 United Way partner agencies in Wilkes, click here.


Choose Where Your Gift Goes

  • Community Impact - Contributions are allocated where they are most needed in Wilkes County. The United Way Fund Distribution Panel, which includes volunteers from many community businesses and organizations, visits partnering agencies and reviews their programs to ensure the contributions go where they will have the most impact.
  • Specific Impact Area - Choose which of the impact areas where you want your contribution to be used. Those areas are: 1) Crisis Intervention; 2) Educational Advancement; and 3) Health Improvement
  • Specific Care - Select which partner agencies you want to receive your contribution. Up to 75% of your gift can be specified for a partner agency and the remaining 25% will be allotted to Community Impact.

Four Ways to Contribute

  • Payroll deduction (Begins in January 2016 for Wilkes County Schools employees)
  • One-time donation by cash or check
  • Monthly automatic bank draft
  • One-time online gift at www.UWWilkes.org/GiveNow

WCS CAMPAIGN DATES: Oct 12 - Nov 20, 2015