The Library Buzz

A few important notes

Open check-out schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday



Tuesday, Thursday



Please post this in your classroom if possible as a reminder...listen to announcements for any daily changes or additional times. Students may check-out during your scheduled library classes as well. If you need to bring your class for check-out occasionally , please e-mail the library for an available time.

Class notes:

Make sure students have their card and books to return when they come to class. I will keep their cards until check-out time so just bring them in a stack please. Also, in order to keep our library collaboration purposeful and meaningful back in your classroom, please return to the library after 20-25 minutes if you go to take care of something outside of the library. Please assist your students at the bookshelves with appropriate book levels they check-out as you are familiar with these through your text level assessments. Thank you for engaging in the lesson when you return so students see the library/classroom connection .

Playaways are a big hit! Fourth graders are allowed to check these out currently with signed permission slips. Teachers may check these out as well.

Thank you !

The students are doing a great job showing their Bulldog Pride when visiting the library so far this school year ... Thank you for supporting Bulldog Pride!