Ed. Tech. Report

Volume 1 Issue 8

Augmenting Your Reality

Several months ago, I heard a term that was brand new to me: Augmented Reality. I know that people have been using various substances to augment their reality since the beginning of time, but this was something different. This emerging technology is allowing users to view the world around us through electronic devices and find that there truly is "more than meets the eye." To see an example, click the picture of the Paris street to the right.

Augmented Reality technology is popping up everywhere! Major companies are using AR experiences in their print ads found in major magazines, newspapers, and the actual product packaging. The Philadelphia Eagles have AR experiences tied to printed season tickets. The coolest AR application has to come from the United States military as it will begin outfitting pilots of the F-35 Lightening II with helmets capable of "seeing through" the floor of the jet (read the article here)! The emergence of AR technology presents the possibility of the futuristic world we've seen in movies for the last several decades. This is truly some exciting technology that holds a great deal of potential in education.

Interested in learning more about augmented reality? Want to see some incredible examples? Visit the official Aurasma website! Want to begin seeing the augmented reality around you? Want to bring this technology into your classroom? Do you have access to a smart device? Download the Aurasma app and create your account at the Aurasma Studio to get started!

FYI: Some of the art work you see, or will see, hanging on the walls of FMS, Central, and Victory may just be more than meets the eye! Stay tuned for more details in the weeks to come. . .



Emerging Technology Trivia Results

I was thrilled with the number of people who participated in last week's poll question about emerging technologies! I would love to see that number continue to grow. For those that haven't participated, the question is always simple, takes just a second to answer, and (hopefully) makes you think about the topic after you've answered it. The results show that participants are aware of Augmented Reality, not to be confused with Virtual Reality, a similar, but different technology I hope to look at later on. See the results to the right! Sixty-four percent of participants identified the correct answer.

(Seemingly) Random Trivia Question

Who was the original Grumpy Cat?

I know this seems like a completely random question. However, as with Augmented Reality, there is more here than meets the eye! Grumpy Cat is a subject in an AR project being developed by myself, Jeffrey Fonzo, and (from Grove City College) Dr. Samantha Fecich, and Andrew Jones. Stay tuned for further details about this project. Until then, please answer this week's trivia question here!

Featured App.

Aurasma makes it possible to augment reality and change the way we see the world around us! The Aurasma app allows the user to scan an object and bring it to life on a smart device while the Aurasma Studio (website) allows users to create their own Aurasma channel and their own auras. Followers of the channel are able to view the user-created auras.

Educational Application

How about an AR-Powered Library where students create and bring book reviews to life, allowing students to scan a book and hear their peers talk about it? Maybe virtual field trips in Social Studies classes made possible by students simply scanning an image of a significant historical site. Science teachers, take your students on a field trip to the International Space Station. Math teachers, how about interactive bulletin boards with explanations of formulas being studied in class along with example problems and their solutions being explained? The possibilities are endless!

If you wish to discuss how to utilize this technology in your own classroom, contact me and let's make it happen!

PSSA Motivation

Are the teachers and students of Central Elementary pumped for PSSAs??? Check out this video to find out! Thanks to Tracy Hart for this contribution to the FASD YouTube Channel.

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Central PSSA Motivational Video

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