created by: Patricia Whatley/Cody Smith

South Korean Culture Patricia Whatley

South Korea is amazing,here are two of their holidays,children's day,and Harvest Moon Festival.The religions is Buddhism,the language is Korean,and all the schools are private schools.The climate is hot (May/Aug),and (Jan/April),(Sep/Dec) its cold.The sports are pretty cool too,in fact most of South Korea's sports are the same as in American sports.South Korea has some beautiful places,like Jeju island, and Temuz.The capital of South Korea is Seoul and three of the major cities are Busan, Tncheon , And Baejeon.Their food is also interesting, there is one kind of food called bibimbap.

South Korean Culture Cody Simth

Here are some more facts about South Korea,they call money won,and the GDP per capita is 24,565.5557.The population is 51,395,238,and the literacy rate is 97.9%.The type of government is presidential system,and you have to be 21+ to vote.One of the traditions in South Korea is that the father is the head of the family ,and it his responsibility to provide food,clothing ,and shelter,and to approve the marriages of the family members.South Korean exports things like plastic,ships,and boats.South Korean imports things like oil,iron,and vehicles.I picked South Korea because it seemed interesting,and it was etra interesting.You should visit South Korea because,the food is amazing,and there are so many places to see.

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Bimbibap Patricia Whatlry

Bimbibap is one of the foods is South Korea.
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Jeju island Cody smith