pentecostal apostolic culture


Christianity is one of the top religion of the world. Any race gender is accepted in the arms. They believe Jesus came and died for our sins and resurrected from the dead.

About Apostolic Christians (pentecostal)

*the most important thing in the religion is the book called the bible (it comes in many versions including Spanish )

*they use mult. terms for the name of Jesus (Alpha and Omega ,redeemer, light of world ,lamb of God.)

*there foods are everything instead of human. But they do give thanks to God before they eat

*they associate themselves as brother and sister because God is there heavenly father and they're all related through Christ Jesus. They try to make there life biblical and try to remain humble and live like Jesus would live if he was alive.

*they dress modestly females aren't supposed to show skin and males supposed to not show skin either

*They mostly go to church and home and there job sometimes revivals and church camps and the seminary to get a degree in biblical theology and to become a minister

*SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE IS A( BIGG NONO!!!!) using Gods name in vain is a sin homosexuality is a sin . having pride is a sin Christians should always remain humble. disrespecting authoritative figures is a sin .


love everybody

accept everybody

show the love of God through daily action

*daily life is the same just they thank God for everything.