The Five Civilized Tribe


Ex. Approximately 1/4 of the Cherokee nation died on the Trail of Tears.

Ex. The Creek whose real name is Muskogee were not a true tribe but rather a group of 300 tribes speaking 300 different languages.

Not a strong argument for logos in this article.


Ex. The white man said that many Native Americans were getting integrated into their way of life and were becoming civilized, but at the same time the native Americans were still overall treated like animals and kicked out.


Ex. Credibility of white men was sketchy- they learned many Native American ways and incorporated Native Americans into their society, but then they pulled the native Americans land for themselves without any warning.

Logical Fallacies

Logical fallacies were not apparent as the article mainly appealed to pity and anger for the removal of Native American tribes.

Social Injustice

Ex. After gold was discovered on the Native American's land, white settlers forced the native people from their land, which is unjust.

Native Americans were wrongly forced out of their homes for the benefit of the "white man".

The Native Americans were tricked out of land that belonged to them.

Main Idea

The main point of the paper was to inform, the reader on the removal of Native American tribes by the "white man" and helped give insight to how the Native Ameircans conducted their society and why the "white man" took their land.

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