Front Street Clinic ADHD Workshop

Improving Compliant Behavior in ADHD Children

A One-Day Workshop, Designed for Parents of Children with ADHD & Other Behavioral Challenges

Join Dr. Tutty, licensed clinical child psychologist, in a one-day workshop that will teach you how to use Russell Barkley's parent management program for improving compliant behavior in ADHD children. Dr. Tutty has had extensive training in parent management treatment and has helped hundreds of families successfully apply these practical strategies with their children who have ADHD and other behavioral challenges. This hands-on workshop will include multi-media presentations, group discussion, role-plays, and worksheets. Appropriate for parents with children between the ages of 5-14. Book your spot today -- space is limited.

Front Street Clinic ADHD Workshop

Saturday, Oct. 20th 2012 at 10am-2pm

20174 Front Street Northeast

Poulsbo, WA

Cost $65/parent (includes lunch)

Registration: Contact reception at (360) 697-1141 or use our online registration form here. Email us at with any questions.

This evidence based and nationally acclaimed program will provide you with practical strategies for:

  • Identifying your child's ADHD type
  • Improving your bond with your child
  • Establishing an effective home structure
  • Using effective commands and consequences
  • Eliminating power struggles between you and your child
  • Teaching your child to take responsibility for their actions
  • Enlisting your child's teacher for support
  • Empowering your child to use their potential for success