Wharton Class of 2020

Drive Through Graduation - RAIN OR SHINE

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Students Will Receive Their Diploma at the Event!


Monday, July 20th, 5:30pm

Wharton Bus Ramp (Cafeteria Side)

2020 Graduates and family/friends of graduates who fit in one car.

We ask that if at all possible graduates NOT drive themselves to this event.

Graduates should be in the passenger seat, with easy access to get in and out of the car

Graduate Last Name Begins A - C (5:30 PM)

Graduate Last Name Begins D - G (6:00 PM)

Graduate Last Name Begins H - L (6:30 PM)

Graduate Last Name Begins M - Q (7:00 PM)

Graduate Last Name Begins R - S (7:30 PM)

Graduate Last Name Begins T - Z (8:00 PM)


Graduates and their families will enter through the Bus Ramp Lot gate (closest to Walmart). There will be school personnel in the area to direct cars. When cars reach the gate to the bus ramp, an administrator and school counselor will be present to confirm completion of required coursework/eligibility for graduation.

Graduates will remain in the car until they are directed to exit the vehicle in their cap and gown to walk across the stage. **NOTE: Parents of graduates will be able to view

their student walking across the stage from the safety of their vehicles. Graduates’ guests will NOT be permitted to exit the vehicle at ANY time**

A Photographer will be present to take professional photographs of graduates as they

walk across the stage in their cap and gown.

Dress Code

Cap and gowns must be worn for your photo.

**Remember your graduation photograph will be head to toe**

Graduation caps and gowns will NOT be available for purchase on the day of the event.

Therefore, you must contact Herff Jones immediately to secure a cap and gown if you do not already have one (727-545-3288).

If you have not purchased a cap and gown from Herff Jones, you will NOT receive a medallion or diploma cover during the event. To ensure the health and safety of all graduates, we will not be able to allow the use of shared medallions/diploma covers.


Wharton High School will be following CDC guidelines, including mask wearing and social distancing, during the drive through graduation.


There is no real way for us to determine who will attend this event, so we ask you to be patient as we navigate through.

More than anything we want graduates to have the opportunity to walk the stage, hear their names called and the parents to see that happen.

Students Will Receive Their Diploma at the Event!

Stoles & Cords

Stoles and cords should be worn for the picture.

If you have not picked up yours ahead of time, we will distribute them at the drive through graduation.

If you owe money for cords please bring exact CASH ONLY that day!

Debts & Textbook/Laptop Returns

Please do your best to rectify any student debts, textbook returns, and/or laptop returns prior to July 20th. The Main Office is currently open Mon.-Thurs. 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM for debt clearance and returns.

Virtual Graduation Ceremony

A virtual graduation ceremony is being produced using student senior photos and recorded student speeches. On Saturday, July 25, 2020, the graduation video will be available at hillsboroughschools.org/graduation and the Wharton website. Students who did not take a senior photo will still be included in the virtual graduation using an underclass photo (if available).

Big picture

Students Will Receive Their Diploma at the Event!