Project Lead the Way: Zero Hour

Schmucker Middle School

Dear Students and Parents,

Schmucker Middle School is proud to offer students the opportunity to enroll in Zero Hour Project Lead the Way (PLTW), a design and modeling course that provides the opportunity to explore topics in pre-engineering and engineering technology. Please visit this link for more information:

Seventh and eighth grade students who are interested in taking PLTW but chose band, choir, or orchestra as their elective may still complete the course outside of school hours. Instruction will follow the same format as Mr. Reininga’s regular PLTW courses, although students opting to participate outside of school will not receive a grade or transcript credits. Participants will be chosen in a random drawing if the number of interested students exceeds 31 each quarter (62 total). Please review the following key pieces of information when considering participation:

  • Meetings will take place Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:50 AM and continue throughout the full quarter.

  • You must arrange your own transportation as none will be provided by PHM.

  • The second quarter class (October 22- January 12) is Automation and Robotics. This class is primarily for 8th graders. Seventh graders will be accepted if openings exist after 8th graders have been placed. Class topics include mechanical systems and automated systems. Students will learn basic programming in RobotC.

  • The fourth quarter class (March 23- June 2) is Design and Modeling. This class is primarily for 7th graders. Eighth graders that did not take this class last year will be accepted. Class topics include the design process and 3D computer modeling in Autodesk Inventor. Students will be able to 3D print an object they create.

  • Zero Hour PLTW is not the same opportunity as Robotics Club or Lego League.

Registration forms are due Friday, October 16. Additional registration forms are available in Student Services.