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August 14, 2022

Principal's News

Hello Mesa Families!

We had a FANTASTIC first week back to school! It was great to see our kids jump back in to being a part of a classroom family and to watch them begin to build new friendships throughout their day. We also had a great time with you on a very hot day for popsicles on the playground. Thank you for coming over to the building and for spending time with our Mesa staff.

Throughout the first few weeks, our teachers will be working on helping students build meaningful relationships, as well as their self-awareness and self-management. Building a strong foundation for students' social-emotional success will allow us to then build their academics and address any learning needs. If you are looking for ideas or information on how to help students with their social needs, the following blog is a site for parents actively supporting kids' social emotional development:

Please look over the car drop-off/pick-up information below. Staff members will be present at the start and finish of each day to assist at cars. This year, we will be starting the year with two lanes for pick-up after school. Officer Geri will be present and working to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. If you would like to walk your student up to the building, please park to do so. Students riding the bus will need to be registered with FFC8 transportation. If you plan for your student to ride the bus to/from school, registration must be completed. Please use this link to register. Our bus drop-off/pick-up is located in our west parking lot. Students who walk to Mesa will be able to enter the building using the main entry, from the east playground, or by accessing the same entry as bus students on the west side of the building. Crossing guards will be located at Fountain Mesa as well as directly in front of the building (on Camino Del Rey). Parents are welcome to walk students to the entry at any time. We will continue to monitor our arrival/dismissal practices throughout the first few weeks and make adjustments as needed. Thank you in advance for your patience with this process as we work to maintain the safety of all of our students as they arrive to and leave from school each day.

Mesa staff utilize the REMIND app as the main tool of communication with families. You are welcome to reach out to teachers via REMIND or email at any time. Please watch for weekly newsletters and updates from each grade level team throughout the school year.

Please be sure to contact us with any needs or questions. We look forward to the start of this school year and the opportunity to work with each of you to help our students to Dream BIG, Work Hard and Make it Happen!!

Megan Oleson

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Drop-Off/Pick-Up Information 2022-2023

***Please let your son/daughter's teacher know your plan for after school pick-up.***

Car Riders (drop-off/pick-up)

**we will be sending home visor badges for all families to use when they access the car lanes. Student names and grade levels will be placed on the badges and handed out to families in the next 2 weeks.**

Car drop-off/pick-up will take place in the north parking lot in front of our main entry doors. The west lot is not a drop-off/pick-up option for car riders. We ask that parents keep traffic moving as quickly as possible by remaining in their vehicles while students exit. If there is a need for a parent to assist with a student exiting, please park in a visitor spot in the north lot. In the AM, parents should pull as far east (closest to the gym) as possible in the lot. Mesa staff members will be there to open doors and welcome students. Students will then enter the building. In the PM, students will be with their grade level (as indicated in the photo). Parents should still pull as far east as possible. A staff member will check in with you as you pull through the line and will call for your student(s) to come to your vehicle.

If you are using Monterey Way and turning onto Camino Del Rey, please be mindful to not block the entry/exit to the west parking lot (on Monterey Way) as buses will be using this lot and will need enough space to get in and out of the parking lot.

Please reference the photo below for guidance on our drop-off/pick-up procedures this year.


Any students who are walking home with a parent will meet on the east playground. Students will be separated by grade level. Parents may approach teachers to pick-up their student(s). Students are also able to walk home without being picked up by a parent. Students walking alone and needing to head west out of the building will be allowed to leave in this direction with the grade-level staff member walking kids out in that direction. Students heading east at the end of the day will be able to access the paved walkway out to Camino Del Rey to then head east towards Fountain Mesa.

Front Office Access:

Our main office is located on the north side of the building. Parents needing to enter the building should do so at our main-entry located at the north doors with a large Mesa paw print.

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Special Moments This Week

This Week at Mesa:

Aug. 15-Sept.16: beginning of the year testing for 2nd-5th graders

Aug. 18-Aug. 31: beginning of the year DIBELS (dynamic indicators of basic early literacy skills) testing for 1st-5th graders

Save the Date:

Aug. 24: Board Meeting at 6pm (admin building)

Sept. 2: No school for students - staff development day

Sept. 5: District closed - Labor Day

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Lunch Schedule

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Lunch Menu

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School Safety with Officer Geri

In order to help maintain safe drop-off and pick-up at Mesa, please remember the following tips:

  • Please be mindful of the school zone speed limit of 20mph and parking lot speed of less than 10mph.
  • Please do not make a u-turn near the cross walk.
  • Please pull as far forward in the drop-off lane as possible without blocking the crosswalk.
  • It is so important for us to model for our kids with a positive and kind spirit, allowing each other to move in jams as if we were at a concert or sporting event. Please use the courtesy of every other car merging to enter and exit.
  • Keep intersections clear: do not block; move forward only if we can clear the intersection at every street and entry.

Ask Nurse Janice

MEDICATION: All medication must be brought into the building and picked up from the building by an adult- students are not allowed to bring medication into the building. All medication must be approved by a prescribing physician with the appropriate forms signed. These forms can be found on the district website or by contacting your school nurse.

FACE MASKS: At this time, masks are not required but certainly allowed. At any time you can choose to send your child to school wearing a mask.

FEVER: Fever is defined as a temperature of 100.4 or higher. Students who have a fever should stay home and rest until they have gone 48 hours fever free without the aid of medication such as ibuprofen or Tylenol. If your child has a fever that lasts longer than 48 hours, please reach out to your school nurse to help problem solve what your next steps might be.

COVID Testing: District 8 is offering free rapid COVID testing as well as free PCR testing to all students and their families. Please contact your school nurse to make arrangements for this testing. * If anyone in your home has symptoms and is being tested for COVID, please keep all D8 students home from school until the results from the person being tested are received. Please notify your school nurse if you are keeping a student home while waiting for a household member to get results for COVID testing.

Keep up the good work! Our goal is to keep our Mesa community healthy and safe… and in person learning!
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