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Getting Started with QR Codes

QR codes are square barcodes that can be scanned with personal devices. They usually contain links to webpages or online videos. They can be created for free on websites like: and then downloaded and printed.

Free QR Code Readers

Where could I put those codes?

What could these codes contain?

Instructional Annotated Images

Instructional images are now simpler than ever to make, even on mobile devices. These images could be uploaded to Dropbox and a public link obtained to put into the QR code.

Instructional Annotated Videos

How to Make Croissants
Putting content into YouTube? Here's how to set it up safely.

What is a safe place to put the videos so kids can comment on them in a way I can control?

An Office365 Class site newsfeed. (paste in the YouTube address and the video is automatically inserted.
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Use Math in New Ways

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a new style search engine with a focus on math and calculations. It handles 'real world' language much better than google as well.

Push Out YOUR Message


1. Pushes the message out & advertises your program on topics of your choosing.
2. Can be 1 way or 2 way.
3. Not just text, web pages (eg, positive news reports, great student work), videos and pictures can be linked.
4. Make quick comments on the go that have a large impact.
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Documents, class sites, collaboration and blogs/wikis:

Lync 2013: Video Conferencing/Use your cellphone as a portable doc cam.