All about Melissa Olivares

All about me

Ten things about me

1. I like rainy days

2. I like to read

3. I like to write

4. I like to make art

5. I like cold days

6. I like to listen to music

7. I like the color green

8. I love roadtrips

9. Im a very outdoors person

10. I love to watch movies

My most embarrassing moment

When I was in 7th grade it was right before a soccer game everyone was ready to go in the bus but I forgot something so I started running, then just out of no where I slipped in the hallway and fell in front of many people that I didn't even know.

Additional photographs

Strange questions I've been asked

Weird questions

1. Why are you so quiet?

2. Why do you always look sad?

3. Why do you listen to that type of music?