School Year 2019-2020 Newsletter

Updates, events, and more.


Welcome to ACES!

We are thrilled you have chosen ACES as your school-age care option for your child(ren) and are excited to kick of the 2019-2020 school year!

At ACES, we recognize that every student is an individual and that's why we are committed to providing an inclusive environment for all. Our staff is trained to take a proactive approach when interacting with students and ensure necessary accommodations and support are in place.

We strive for a successful school year-and look forward to the opportunity for growth with our students and staff!

-Sam Schirmers, ACES Program Coordinator

ACES Billing Office

The ACES Billing Office is open during the school year from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM; Monday through Friday.


Make sure to bookmark these websites!

ACES Account Website

Mankato Community Ed & Rec Website


Make a smooth transition by completing the following checklist!

  • Read the Parent Handbook and follow program policies.
  • Inform your child's teacher at conferences that your child will be attending the ACES program.
  • Get to know the program staff-ask for feedback about your child's day.
  • Notify the site if your child will be absent--for planned vacations, submit a vacation request to the ACES billing office.
  • Check the parent table on-site and bookmark your ACES site's website for important information and updates.
  • Complete and submit appropriate forms for medication authorization, health plans, change in contracts, and/or withdraw from the program to the ACES billing office within the given time-frame.
  • Pay all costs incurred for the contracted days, whether your child attend or not, by the due date.
  • Model respectful behavior when dealing with the staff and students.
  • Label all personal belongings.


Policies and procedures all parents should know!

How do I change my ACES schedule?

There are two different ways you can submit a contract change. Contract changes must be submitted via online via our Contract Change Form or through your online ACES account. Contract changes require a 5 business days notice that begins from the date we receive the request. There is no charge for the first change; subsequent changes will be assessed a $15 processing fee. We do require a two-week notice for withdraw notices.

Please see our Eleyo FAQ page as well.

What is a vacation day?

If your child does not need to attend on a scheduled day you can request at ANY time through our Vacation Form. This will result as a credit to your account within 5-7 business days.

For Example: If you submit a vacation request on Thursday, the credit will be applied to your account no later than the following Friday. MAX 7 business days = Thursday you submitted Friday + Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday + Friday.

How does the ACES program bill families?

ACES bills on a monthly basis and fees are always paid in advance. Invoices are generated and emailed by the 20th of the month prior; payments are due by the 1st of every month. Late accounts will be charged a $15.00 late fee

If you receive Child Care Assistance through the county, please refer to your paper invoice that is mailed to you.


Notify your ACES site by phone or email if your child will be absent from ACES. School offices do not automatically provide us with absence information. If your child does not arrive after school as expected, program staff will investigate immediately by attempting to contact you or your child's emergency contacts. Due to the amount of time involved in trying to find children when staff have not been notified of their absence, a $15 Finder's Fee may be assessed .


Morning ACES opens at 6:30 AM and will be held in the cafeteria. Parents must bring their child into the school and sign them in on the iPad every morning. Children are able to purchase breakfast through their school district meal plan. Morning activities consist of quiet free play, board games & reading.

At the start of the after school program, children gather in the cafeteria for attendance. Kindergartners will be escorted down by an ACES staff member. Parent pick up will be in the cafeteria and parents must sign in and out their child on the iPad every day. If your child is not in the cafeteria, a staff member will radio for your child to come down and meet you.

ACES staff are required to ID anyone attempting to pick up a child. Please make sure that your authorized pickups have their driver's license with them.

During the after school program, all children will be offered a snack with milk. These snacks are required to meet a healthy eating standard set by the USDA and our District. Parents do have the option of providing their own snacks if desired.


Registration for the non-school days takes place approximately 4 weeks prior to a non -school day. If your child needs care on a non-school day, you MUST register him/her for care. Non-school day registration is separate from contracted days and is not guaranteed if you do not register in advance. Many different activities and field trips will be planned during non-school days and information flyers will be posted prior to registration opening. Once you have registered, accounts will be billed prior to each non-school day and a deadline for payment will be given. Watch for emails regarding these invoices and due dates! Please be aware non-school day sites will fill and therefore pre-registration does not guarantee care.

Please see the non-school day registration timeline here.

Non-school day care will be offered at Monroe Elementary and Rosa Parks Elementary. This is a change from years past. Registration for non-school days is open to all students who are enrolled in ACES for the 19-20 School Year. Only full day options are available.

Please note that the ACES sites and Billing Office will be closed on major holidays. For a full list of dates that care will be offered, please see your 19-20 Parent Handbook.

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