Cook Elementary School Library

What's Going On

The Numbers


Classes: 15

Students: 700


Days Closed:13




Circulation: 1997

Days Closed:5 (for RIF)

Special Events: RIF

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Important Dates

May 2nd: 1st grade books due

May 5th: 2nd grade books due

May 6th: Kinder books due

May 6th: Enter Heat tickets for computer repairs

May 9th - 11th: STAAR Testing

May 12th: STAAR Makeups

May 13th: 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade books due

May 18th: Talent Show

May 20th: All lost book fees due

May 24th & 25th: Field Day

May 31st: All computer/iPad COW's due to the library

June 1st: All teacher books/materials from the library due

June 2nd:non-returning teachers AV equip. due and last day for me to sign End of Year Check Out form